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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Getting Things Done on a Bad Day

Today has been a real up and down day. I have not felt great most of the day, and have been really tired, yet I have managed to get some things done.

Got up at about 9am, and was immediately tired. I spent the morning fiddling around doing not a great deal - TV, computer, etc. After lunch I watched a DVD, and afterwards I was so tired I decided to go lie in bed, and watch a bit of snooker. The next thing I knew I was waking up as Strictly Come Dancing started at 18:30...

The evening has been much more positive - I have cooked and immediately washed up, cleaned out my fridge and put my rubbish out. All that as well as my usual session of TV.

I find days like this really strange - start with no energy, and end up on a positive note getting a lot done. I am always loathed to go back to bed - and went back today feeling guilty - yet the result was eventually positive. I don't feel it is a good thing, and would prefer to get a full night's sleep and not need it. But is a sleep followed by activity better then wandering through the day, surviving on coffee and really achieving nothing. I guess it is, but the best of both has to be the goal - I can't do a full time job if I can't get through the day awake.

I have made no progress on my section of the DVDP rules which I find disappointing. I am left with some tough bits, and had no motivation to crack on. I definately want to make some significant progress tomorrow - once I get it live, it is initially down to the rest of team to comment and I can sit back a bit. This is some pressure on me at the moment, but I think it is positive, although not enjoyable now.

Another early morning for shopping tomorrow, so I guess tomorrow may be similar to today. My parents will be around after coffee, so maybe another chance to tell them about the Blog. I am still not sure - and want to discuss with Tom first I think. Hopefully he will come round for a coffee tomorrow afternoon...


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