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Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Lazy Day

I have had a really lazy day today - I have not felt really awake for any of it really! I fell asleep for an hour this morning when I had barely been out of bed for a couple of hours, and the fell asleep again for about 5 hours on the sofa this afternoon/evening while reading. I didn't get a huge amount of sleep last night, but not little enough to make me as tired as I have felt all day.

So my day has been completely unproductive - I did manage to get out to post my Christmas cards that I'm not hand delivering, which is one plus. Otherwise I have just been lazing around, unable to focus on anything really - even watching a film.

Days like this really bug me. I wish I could put my finger on why sometimes I have these days where can't motivate myself to do anything.

I spend most of the time thinking about things a need to do and want to do, and can't concentrate on any of them. I can't effectively prioritise what to do first, so whatever I do do feels wrong. For example I sit and start to watch a film, and end up with my mind wandering to something else to the point where I give up on the fim. But then I don't do whatever the other thing is.

Time just wanders by, and I look back at the day, and can't see what I have done, never mind achieved. I need to work this out if I am going to move on...

On a positive note I do feel that this Blog is helping me think things through, and put things in perspective, but I'll leave my thoughts that for another post that is not at 2am in the morning!


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