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Monday, December 12, 2005

Delayed Update

I forgot to post last night - was laid in bed when I realised, and could not be bothered to get back up!

So yesterday... I had a quiet day, I almost felt that I spent the day treading water, waiting for Sports Personality of the Year to start.

I spent a lot of the day chatting with Rick and James online, and reading/replying to the DVDP forum. There is no progress as usual - just the usual name calling and bickering. It is entertaining at least.

I also watched the A1GP race - another less then stellar result for Team GB. The DAMs team is clearly doing a fantastic job with Switzerland and France winning the 2 races. It is all becoming a bit boring from my perspective, although the races were more entertaining than of late, and they seem to have resolved the farcical pitstops.

I don't really know where the rest of the day went - what I have written certainly does not feel like a full day, but I don't really know what else I did.

So to Sports Personality of the Year... It was pretty disappointing in my opinion. The only one of the main prizes that I think they got right was the team for the Ashes Team. Overseas should have Lance Armstrong, and the main prize should have been Ellen. And I am not going to even start on the motorsport section of the show... or lack there of.

So yesterday was a bit of a none event when it comes to how I am feeling - I did not give any thought to anything... I guess it is normal to have days like that from time to time.

I have had a late start today - no postie to wake me up - so here I am, nearly lunchtime, and have not really done anything yet - beyond writing this! My plans for the day are pretty non-existent at the moment. Gonna have my lunch and take it from there...


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