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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas Eve

It's been a few days since my last post. I have been completely hooked
on my book, and in an attempt to get it finished before Christmas
everything else has pretty much gone out of the window. Only about 75
pages left now, so will finish it before I go to sleep tonight.

Currently at Mum and Dads, with Jo, watching Bridget Jones - I am
staying here tonight ready for Christmas day. Jo and I have discussed
sharing this with Mum and Dad, and she is unsure whether it is good
idea. She is worried that it may do more harm than good. I am still
waiting to here what Joyce thinks back from Tom. I am still considering
it, but am definately not going to do anything until after Christmas.

The last couple of days have been pretty good. I have been reading
loads, but I have got other things done as well - I have stayed on top
of my washing up, and got prepared for Christmas etc. I have not really
given much thought to how I am feeling - have just been getting on with
things. I guess looking back they have been good days overall. I don't
recall having wasted any time on my computer or watching TV I am not
interested in. I sometimes feel guilty spending huge amount of time
reading, even though I don't think it is time badly spent. I know it is
more valuable than watching TV or Films, but I know I need to move back
into more routine days. Clearly now nothing is going to happen until
after Christmas, but I need to find a way to take the step then.

Rik has said that he has some ideas for me that he thinks may help.
We'll see tomorrow - Christmas Day is really not the day for it, but we
need to take the opportunity when we can. I guess we can probably go out
for a walk at some point with his dog, and have a chat then.

I feel more comfortable about Christmas now. I am staying at Mum and
Dads tonight, but after that I don't know what i am going to do. I think
it is likely I will end up at home to sleep tomorrow night, but I'll
play it by ear. I think we are going to Newcastle on Wednesday -
hopefully to get Dad and Jo DVD players - at last!! They are all coming
to my house on Thursday night, so it is going to be a busy week, so I
don't see me making much progress - and having much time to think or
write this!


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