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Friday, April 28, 2006

Good Start to the Day... and it Continues

Today has been pretty great so far. I woke up naturally at 6am, and just felt like getting up and doing some tidying around the house... so I did! Got all my piles of washing up, and some other tidying done before going for an early grocery shop with my parents at 8am! I felt really great for it. I have kinda continued being busy for the rest of the day - I have done some more tidying, and have got some of my washing sorted out, as well as making some good progress with my webdesign.

As much as I am happy that I am having a good day, it really confuses me also. Why is today any different to any other day? Why today did I wake up at 6am feeling completely refreshed and ready for the day? Why today did I want to jump out of bed and start cleaning/tidying without turning on a PC or TV first? It seems to be the crux of some of my issues. I need to understand what makes these good days different to the bad days?

If anything, I would have expected today to be a bad day. I fell asleep for about 4-5 hours yesterday afternoon, so I could not get to sleep last night until after 2am. I was expecting to have to drag myself out of bed to go shopping, and then struggle through the day feeling tired for lack of sleep. Well I guess I should not complain, and focus on the positives of getting some stuff sorted, but it is frustrating not understanding why some days are like today to be able to replicate it.


Blogger m.cellophane said...

I don't know what makes one day different either. I've been having a good week at work actually. Been getting a lot done. I did have an anxious time last night when it was time to go home. Was not looking forward to dealing with my oldest! But the evening went well and I'm spending the day sorting through things at work today trying to figure out what to do next!

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